Documentation Consultancy

Winged Feet Limited is the medium for my work as an independent documentation consultant. My name is Andy Smith and I've been in publishing of various sorts since the late 1980s. In that time I've written about everything from helicopter engines to barbeques. I have experience with user guides, service manuals, business process documentation, company newsletters, web site copy, IT project documentation, local newspaper features, and even a column for a hobby magazine. I've also written and self published a novel and a travelogue but that's a different part of my life.

Im currently looking for new projects. Id like to move away from full-time contracting and back into freelance work. To that end Id like something long term but part time working from home (ideally three days a week), and then a series of small but intermittent projects for multiple clients. This lends itself to projects that might be closer to technical copywriting or even journalistic projects. If you have any ideas, phone me.

I have strong skills in engineering, particularly with service documentation such as photocopiers or aircraft maintenance manuals. I can use this experience to bring a level of professionalism and sophistication to service documentation rarely seen outside of global industries. With modern digital publishing technologies it is possible to create documentation systems for small organisations that would have been out of the question in the past. If you save money on documentation you will spend it later on training or customer support. Alternatively you can spend money on documentation early and slash your support budgets for the entire lifecycle of your products. You decide which would make more sense for your business.

Blue chip clients include BAE Systems, Xerox, L&T Technology Services, Rolls Royce, DHL, PwC, Honda, SAP, Veolia Water and others.